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Let us hear your opinion on these Vision statement choices (your two favorites):

  1. Inspired by Christ to Serve the Needs of God’s People
  2. Sharing Christ: Love, Hope, Joy
  3. Honoring yesterday, embracing today, and claiming tomorrow for Christ
  4. Reflecting Christ

As a local unit of the United Methodist church, the purpose of our existence (our mission) is “to make disciples of Christ for the transformation of the world. “ And every Sunday we repeat the Apostles Creed as a reminder of what we believe.   What we need now is a statement that unifies the UHUMC congregation in a plan to accomplish our mission; gives us direction for the choices we have to make in the use our limited resources; and is memorable.   The Vision Statement Committee of FCJ has been gathering feedback, condensing, trying out and eliminating some possible formal statements.  We are now ready to get the opinion of the congregation.

Here are some details for each of these:

  1. Inspired by Christ to Serve the Needs of God’s People.  This statement came out of our 2014 Vision Statement committee work in which we tried to bring together the various thoughts expressed by congregation members.  This is a summary of who we are (a community inspired by Christ) and what we do (serve the needs of God’s people).
  1. Sharing Christ: Love, Hope, Joy.  This is an abbreviated version of a statement that came out of the committee work (but too long to be memorable): “With God’s Inspiration and blessing we unite in sharing the joy of Christ’s love and hope to all.” .  An interesting aspect of this one is to replace the colon with a preposition.  Try these prepositions:  with, through, by, in, or  for – each one gives the statement a different meaning.
  2.  Honoring yesterday, embracing today, and claiming tomorrow for Christ.  This statement brings together thoughts and discussions about our origins as a United Brethren congregation, our relationship with the University and our direction for the future.
  3. Reflecting Christ.  This statement came from very early FCJ vision statement work and still resonates with some of us.  It says we as the Body of Christ, reflect his teachings/qualities to the world in which we live.

The plan is to eliminate two of these and then have a second elimination.  Please vote for your two favorites.  (If you have a distinct favorite, making it your only vote will have the most effect in selecting it.)   There will be ballots and a ballot box at the Welcome Center.  Or you can circle the number of your two choices and mail this as a ballot to the church office or drop in the ballot box.   We’ll be counting the votes August 18 so get your vote in by then.   We ask you to vote for any two but please only vote once.       

Peggy Richwine,

FCJ Vision Statement Committee Chair       

To print out your ballot click here.

To vote online click here.